Saturday, September 16, 2006

ACTION!! (length: 00:21)

whoah! First my camera makes creepy noises, then i run into this guy playing the WICKED COOL new nintendo DS . you should seriously check it out!
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cock fight in vietnam (length: 00:12)

at a chopstick sweatshop, some workers bring out the cocks...roosters
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▀I Warehouse America In IRAQ I▀ Part of Episode 007 (length: 02:39)

Part of Episode 007
Dont forget to catch the weekly series exclusively here on YouTube. Join the Warehouse America group at:
Episode 007 Coming out this Tuesday
*Note: The views of these Warehousers do
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Iraq Quagmire (length: 04:32)

Like Vietnam, except starring Arabs
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Friday, September 15, 2006

I dont need subtitles Iraq Report (length: 01:46)

This is hilarious, they are talking to iraq insurgents, loyal to sadam, but they get upset over the subtitles.
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Pittsburgh Anti-War Convergence (length: 01:15)

Here's a short slip of the Anti-War march on March 18th, the three year anniversary of the War in Iraq.
This was taken from Kiva Han on the corner of S. Craig St. and Forbes Ave.
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This one's for the troops (length: 04:48)

Video I made for the troops

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Afghan pashto Joke (length: 06:00)


"L'Empire Du Tigre" Grand Prize for Best Mini-Series (length: 06:27)

"L'Empire Du Tigre" won the Grand prize for Best Mini-Series at the 8th International Film of Television of Luchon 2006 directed by Gerard Marx starring Bernard Giradeau & Thierry Fremont... James Katsuyuki Taenaka as Tranh. Story set in 19

Đi Sầm Sơn (length: 00:10)

Quay vào thẻ

mad mind (length: 02:17)

"Vietnam Veteran returns home only to find that he is in a malicious state of mind."

*The synopsis is even worse than the short video. Let's see if you can count all of my mistakes, I counted 10, maybe you'll find more.*

I made this s

80s Commercials - ABC News Brief + Campbell's Soup (length: 01:01)

Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen.....

-Egypt Air Plane Hijack
-West German Car Bomb
-Afghanistan Political Strife

Thank god our world has changed dramatically in the last 20 ye

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Green Lake Graves (length: 00:30)

Seattle a demonstration representing the graves of dead us soldiers from the war in Iraq.

hummer explose (length: 00:24)

majliss shora mojahidin
مجلس شورى المجاهدين

Bill Richardson and Iraq (length: 00:57)

Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico, travelled to Iraq to negotiate the release of two Americans.

Dangermark at a Hollywood Riot (length: 01:31)

Unfortunately, there was no violence, but there was some loudmouths spouting off about the war. Here is just one of them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

LOL BUSH IS FUNNY (length: 04:08)

omfdg watch this

3-20-2003美軍早前預計,在向伊拉克展開全面攻擊後的48小時,會發射至少三千支巡航導彈,然後由地面部隊攻入 (length: 00:17)


Views on Iraq (length: 03:12)

Demomcratic candidates for U.S. Congress in Arizona's congressional district 8 give their views on Iraq.

Insurgent takedown (length: 00:19)

Iraq combat clip

Iraq 2006 Summmer Half (length: 01:26)

Summer Vacation Iraq 2006 Not finished

Taliban Operations in Zabul Part 3 (length: 02:49)

Taliban shoot down US helicopter in Zabul Afghanistan

Drawings and Randomness (length: 01:00)

Drawing a random sketch with extra randomness.. lol =)

Imagination is a great thing isn't it? =)

Song Title - Cartoon Heroes - Aqua

Monday, September 11, 2006

Canadian Forces Ambushed in Afghanistan (July 15, 2006) (length: 02:36)

Troops from Alpha Company, 2nd Platoon, "Red Devils" from Edmonton, Canada are ambushed as they conducted battle damage assessment in the village on July 15, 2006 in Sangin, Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan

Killing of America (length: 04:25)

an experimental short video I did for 21st century contemporary art, based mostly on the early 80s documentary of the same title The "Killing of America" a must see documentary

all audio and video editing by me

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stealth to Assault (length: 08:05)

Special Air Service are faced with a problem. A Soldier who fought in Vietnam who has come back with PTSD, has started a Christian Cult, with men, women and children. After killing two unarmed police officers, the sas and s019 where notifie

Street scene in Hanoi old town (length: 00:16)

Street scene in Hanoi old town

Apostate Hunt 2006 (length: 06:26)

The best anti-Zarqawi tribute you will find on the internet. The apostate Zarqawi is dead. Celebrate!